Affordable and stable housing plays a critical role in supporting the health and well-being of communities in NJ. Led by the Network, its members and partners, advocacy efforts have resulted in the governor’s reversal on the lead poisoning issue allowing $10 million to be deployed to non-profits to remove lead paint from the homes of 500 low- and moderate- income NJ families. Through these efforts, the health and housing issue has been brought to the forefront.  


Healthy Homes & Communities Policy Priorities:

  • Requires municipalities to conduct lead paint inspections in one and two family rental units (S1937/A3585) sponsored by Senator Turner and Asw. Muoio/ Asm. Gusciora/Schaer. Passed Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee 3.14.16. Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee 1.12.17.

  • Requires a lead safe certificate by 3rd party at time of rental turnover (A3611/S2879) sponsored by Asw. Muoio/Sen. Ruiz. Passed Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee 1.12.17.

  • Establishes permit requirements and provides for adoption of regulations for inspection of asbestos (A4309) sponsored by Asm. Schaer. Passed by Assembly 1.23.17.

  • Requires compilation of, and public access to, tests of soil lead levels sales (A4304/S2957) sponsored by Asm. Conaway/Senator Cruz-Perez. Passed Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee 1.12.17.

  • Requires soil testing to determine lead content prior to certain home sales (A4305) sponsored by Asm. Conaway Senator Cruz-Perez. Passed Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee 1.12.17.

  • Requires DEP to adopt Statewide plan to reduce lead exposure from contaminated soils and drinking water (A4306) sponsored by Asm. Conaway Passed Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee 1.12.17

  • Require public and nonpublic schools to test for and remediate lead in drinking water, and disclose their test results (A3539/S2082) sponsored by Asw. Muoio and Senator Turner. Passed Assembly 12.19.16

  • Requires various measures to address effects of low levels of lead exposure. (A159/S1588) sponsored by Asw. Tucker/Jasey and Senator Rice. This bill will enable school personnel to know if a child has a history of elevated blood lead levels, and will require schools to educate staff and parents about the dangers of lead exposure.

  • Housing as a Vaccine
    The Flint Water Crisis put a renewed focus on the problems with childhood lead poisoning in New Jersey. Our government officials are taking notice of the staggering number of sick children and reports of threats in more places. There are numerous overlapping health conditions that can degrade the health of our homes and communities. Read More

    More needs to be done to protect NJ kids against lead
    The Flint Water Crisis has been well-covered by the national media but even with the resignation of numerous Michigan officials and a federal class-action lawsuit currently underway, many Americans are only beginning to realize how pervasive our country's lead problem is. Read More

    Healthy Communities Are Informed Communities
    Rose Farias from the NJ Senate Majority Office and U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone both said, “healthy communities are informed communities” during a panel discussion on policy at our Healthy Communities and Homes Summit this week. Thinking about it, I would say that’s at the heart of what we do. Read More