The Santander NJ Affordable Mortgage Program
Households who have limited funds for down payment and closing costs or are in need of flexibility when credit is reviewed or just have limited income may now have an opportunity for home ownership. Learn how Santander's mortgage loan product can assist New Jersey’s LMI borrowers. Together we can work to make homeownership affordable and Build a Thriving New Jersey. (Power Point/Recording)

Rehab Loan Products from M&T Bank
In this webinar, M&T Bank explores options available to homeowners and investors for the rehabilitation of problem properties. These programs are available to low-income borrowers who may be struggling to maintain their properties, and may be used in qualifying census tracts with M&T’s mortgage subsidy product. This webinar is a great opportunity for municipalities, CDCs, and housing counselors who are currently working to address blight. (Power Point/Recording)
M&T Handouts:
The M&T Story | About M&T | Renovation Product Flyer | FHA Community Program | Loan Subsidy Program

TD Bank Mortgage Product Webinar
TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank, is launching a new home mortgage product on August 27, 2016. The Network and our partner TD Bank will show you how this new product can help your LMI borrowers purchase or refinance a home, as well as about a Promotional Closing Cost Credit offer! (Power Point/Recording)

Zoning Code Enforcement Grant Program for Municipalities
The Zoning Code Enforcement Grant Program will provide aid to municipalities experiencing a record demand for zoning permit approvals due to the high number of property owners rebuilding structures damaged in Superstorm Sandy. Municipalities that lack sufficient staff to efficiently respond to the increased demand may apply for financial support that includes salaries and overhead related to the enforcement of state and local development and zoning code regulations. Funding must be used to attend to areas that have begun to deteriorate and where reconstruction will arrest further decline. Read More