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In just a few short weeks, rents and mortgages will be due once again. Nearly 1.1 million New Jerseyans have filed for unemployment, 164,497 of us have tested positive for COVID-19 & 12,214 of us have died. We have a right to have shelter so we can shelter in place, and it is up to us to stand up for our fellow New Jerseyans to make sure the COVID-19 crisis leaves no one homeless.

We also recognize that Black and Brown New Jerseyans are more likely to face housing insecurity and are at the most risk from this health crisis. In this time when so many are marching for racial justice, this legislation turns words into action to stop mass evictions, foreclosure and gentrification of NJ residents, particularly in communities of color.

The Network is part of Compassionate NJ, a housing advocacy coalition that is working to incorporate key housing principles into legislation that addresses pandemic-related housing insecurity. We're asking you to take part in our High Five for Home! campaign because the fallout from COVID-19 will be deep and ongoing.  

We're asking our elected representatives to act to pass strong legislation this month and provide strong protections before July's rent and mortgage payments become due. The current bill that best does this is A4226, introduced by Asw. Britnee Timberlake and it is expected to be heard in the Assembly Housing Committee NEXT WEEK!

Take Action:
Please call your local assemblyperson and ask them to support the A4226 bill mortgage forbearance and rental assistance. This bill will give people the opportunity to get back on their feet. Click here to find your State Senators and Assembly Members.

Suggested Script:  

"Hello, my name is ________. I am one of your constituents and I plan on voting in the 2021 Assembly elections. My friends, family, and myself have been undergoing extremely stressful times (talk about how COVID has impacted you or people you know). I live in (town) and the people in my neighborhood are faced with many difficulties due to COVID-19 (talk about how COVID has impacted your community/neighborhood.).

Please sign on to and support Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake's bill, A4226, that is co-prime sponsored by Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly. We need this or better now because it has offers real relief for both homeowners and renters.

I know that you understand everyone is being hit hard by COVID-19 and I want to thank you for working hard to help your constituents."

Protections for NJ Homeowners & Renters Should Include:

Support Renters' Right to a Home: Many New Jerseyans will need repayment plans if they cannot afford to pay rent because of the pandemic. We need a fair and equitable repayment plan and that looks like:

  • A fair amount of time to repay. People can't afford to repay all back rent the minute the emergency ends or face eviction - we need to be able to repay in small increments over the next few years, and there needs to be a cap for each month based on how much we can afford.
  • A fair process. If there's a dispute with landlords about how much is owed, there should be mediation before eviction.
  • Applies to everyone. This should cover all renters in the state. No exceptions.

Make Mortgage Forbearance Mandatory and Universal: Because every mortgage holder is different, and treats their customers differently, we have to legislate a standard that will help all New Jerseyans and not depend on the bank to do the right thing.

  • Homeowners must be able to enter into a forbearance agreement with their lenders, with payments missed during the forbearance period added to the back end of the mortgage term;
  • We need up to a year of mortgage forbearance - that's what the federal government standard is and we should use it too.
  • Applies to everyone. This should cover all homeowners in the state. No exceptions.

Protect Consumers: There should be no negative credit reporting for having missed rent or mortgage payments during the crisis.

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