Lame Duck Policy Agenda
January 14, 2020 Marks the Final Day of the Current Legislative Session  

The New Jersey Legislature is in its lame-duck session, a 10-week period sandwiched between the November election and January’s new legislative session. This is a busy time in Trenton as legislators try to resolve a number of bills before the new session begins. There are five bills in particular that are on the Network's policy agenda, click here to learn more.

Headlines for December 5

Long-Term Recovery of Rental Housing

There are still lessons to be learned from Hurricane Floyd

Hoboken could make this change to its affordable housing policy this week

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Thriving Together For Thirty Years: Non-Profit Community Developers Bring $14 Billion in Economic Impact...
By Staci Berger - December 4, 2019

In 1989, a handful of leaders from New Jersey’s fledgling community development organizations got together in a diner (where else?) to build a statewide coalition that could educate, mobilize and engage residents about the need for more affordable homes in our state. 

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