$421 Million Economic Impact Spurred by Morris County Nonprofit Community Developers
Statewide community development association releases new local economic impact report


Nonprofit community development corporations (CDCs) in Morris County have contributed $421 million dollars for New Jersey’s economy according to a new report released today from the Housing and Community Development Corporation of New Jersey (the Network). The report is a supplement to Stronger Together: The $12 Billion Impact of Community Corporations in New Jersey, a study highlighting the investments made by the sector since 1989 and the resulting impact on the state’s communities.

“The nonprofit community development sector has been a strong contributor to the area and the state’s economy, making investments that have improved the quality of our neighborhoods as well as produce homes and jobs,” said Staci Berger, president and chief executive officer of the Network. “These mission-driven organizations are creating opportunities for thousands of New Jersey residents while generating much needed tax revenue for Morris County and all of New Jersey.”

According to the new report, Morris County nonprofit CDCs have completed 97 developments which have spurred 2,500 jobs and $222 million in labor income in the last 25 years.

“The ‘Stronger Together’ report underscores that our work matters –that there are fiscal and economic benefits that accrue when communities encourage the development of affordable homes and then partner with the non-profit community to develop those homes,” said Blair Schleicher Bravo, chief executive officer of Morris Habitat for Humanity. “These programs are important now more than ever, as housing affordability has worsened significantly in recent years. An added benefit is that having an ample supply of affordable homes is a community asset to the quality of life in Morris County.”

“Stagnant middle class incomes, coupled with rapidly rising housing, health care, child care and transportation costs, have adversely impacted the economic security of a significant percentage of the US population and have led to increasing pressures on government support programs," said Russ Hall, chair of the Morris Housing Alliance. "We’ve all witnessed the continual widening of the gap between safety net programs and community need.  As a result, the non-profit sector has been called on to fill that gap."

The report which features Morris County employment, housing, and demographic data was unveiled at an event co-hosted by the Morris Housing Alliance.  Local and state officials, area community developers, as well as faith-based and other local nonprofit organizations were on hand during for the release of the report which was sponsored by Citi Foundation.  

“Stronger Together is a critical piece of research that demonstrates the extraordinary strength of community development institutions in New Jersey,” said Eileen Auld, New York Tri-State Market Director of Citi Community Development. “We are pleased to celebrate the accomplishments of the nonprofit community development sector and its positive economic impacts on the local economy.”

To access Stronger Together: The $12 Billion Impact of Community Corporations in New Jersey and the Passaic County supplemental report, visit www.hcdnnj.org/StrongerTogether.

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