Housing Advocates Condemn Christie’s Inaction on Lead Poisoning Prevention
Governor pocket vetos $10 million appropriation to prevent lead poisoning


Governor Chris Christie has pocket vetoed a bill that would appropriated $10 million for the Lead Hazard Control Assistance Fund, which provides New Jersey property owners financial assistance to treat lead-based paint hazards in their houses. On the pocket veto, Network President and Chief Executive Officer Staci Berger issued the following statement:

“Governor Christie’s pocket veto of the lead poisoning prevention bill is extremely disappointing especially as the nation witnesses the devastation of lead contamination. New Jersey cannot become the next Flint, a town that sacrificed safety to be ‘cost-effective.’

“There’s still time to do the right thing. We hope the governor will do right by our children and include the $10 million appropriation in his upcoming budget as well as provide resources to inspect one and two family homes as required by a 2008 state law.”

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