NJ Legislature Sends Sandy Foreclosure Bill to Governor
Housing advocates urge Christie to sign moratorium on foreclosures for Sandy impacted homeowners


The New Jersey Senate unanimously voted in favor of legislation that would provide a temporary protection against foreclosure for homeowners who suffered damage during Superstorm Sandy. Previously passed by the Assembly, the bill now heads to Governor Christie to be signed in to law. On the bill, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey President and Chief Executive Officer Staci Berger issued the following statement:

“There are still thousands of families still rebuilding four years after Sandy. Many of those families are struggling pay the mortgage on an uninhabitable home, while paying rent on a temporary one. This bill is a short term solution that can help people and communities recover. It is the least we can do for New Jerseyans still rebuilding.

“Sandy survivors have waited a long time for this, many have already lost their homes to foreclosure. This bill is an opportunity to provide some immediate relief and avoid making New Jersey’s foreclosure crisis even worse. We encourage Governor Christie to sign this bill without further delay.”

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