High Court Decision Creates a More Affordable NJ, says Network
NJ Supreme Court rules towns must account for ‘gap period’


In wake of today’s ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court regarding the fair housing gap period, the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey’s President and Chief Executive Officer Staci Berger issued the following statement:

“The need for affordable homes in this state has grown tremendously over the last two decades coinciding with a recession, a foreclosure crisis, and a devastating natural disaster. Our hardworking families, seniors and people with disabilities have struggled to find homes they could afford during this time. New Jerseyans and their needs did not simply disappear during the gap period and as the Court ruled, they cannot be ignored.

“We are glad the court recognized that all communities must address the real housing needs of NJ. Too many of our residents are struggling to make ends meet which has hurt our economy. Having an affordable home allows people to spend more on activities that spur the economy and strengthen our communities. We can’t build a thriving NJ if our residents can’t afford to live here. In wake of this decision, we urge our elected officials and future leaders to make the investments needed to help make our communities more affordable for all.”

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