Tell Lawmakers to Help Keep New Jerseyans in Their Homes


Urgent Action Needed: 
Tell Lawmakers to Help Keep New Jerseyans
in Their Homes

A bill sponsored by Asw. Britnee Timberlake (LD-34) would put into law Gov. Murphy's commitment to protect tenants and homeowners from foreclosure and eviction during the coronavirus pandemic. The bill, A3948, deserves a full Assembly vote on Monday because it reflects the real-time concerns from housing advocates and residents alike. 

The bill would:

  • Suspend rents for the length of the pandemic
  • Eliminate late fees related to the suspension 
  • Provide mortgage and loan forbearance
  • Stop negative credit reporting

This bill echos the needs of our communities and the feedback provided by the Network and our members and partners. Let's help get this bill up for a vote Monday! Time is of the essence for New Jerseyans who are unable to pay their rent or mortgage as a result of this health crisis.

Take Action

1) Call your state senators and assemblymembers today to urge them to protect NJ homeowners and renters by supporting A3948!

2) Copy and post the following on your respective social media sites and make sure to tag your elected officials:

We support @AswTimberlake legislation to protect #NJ #homeowners & #renters impacted by #COVID19!

Show your support: 
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Tag your #NJSenator & #NJAssembly member to make it happen!

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