Network Applauds Enactment of Lead Poisoning Prevention Bills


Legislation that requires lead paint inspections prior to tenant turnover and establishes educational programs about lead paint poisoning, as well as expand lead service line replacement were signed into law today by Gov. Phil Murphy. On the bills’ enactment, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey’s (the Network) President and Chief Executive Officer Staci Berger issued the following statement:

“The pandemic is not NJ’s only public health crisis. We have a decades-long childhood lead poisoning epidemic that has caused irreparable harm to thousands of families. Now more than ever, we know that housing is health and that having a safe place to live is essential for good health.

“For far too long, New Jersey has used our kids as lead detectors in our homes. Today, we turn the page on that backwards approach and begin to create a future that is brighter and better for our children. By inspecting rental homes for the presence of lead paint, parents will have the peace of mind that their home is not poisoning their families. Congratulations to our members and allies who have worked tirelessly on this bill for the last five years and thank you to the sponsors, legislative leaders and Governor Murphy for seeing this bill become law.”

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