Measure Protecting Residents from Extreme Heat Advances
NJ Assembly Housing Committee Approves Code Red Legislation


The New Jersey Assembly Housing Committee today voted in favor of legislation which would require making available public cooling centers for all residents during extreme heat. Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey (the Network) Director of Policy and Advocacy Matthew Hersh issued the following statement on the bill’s passage:

“People are dying due to excessive heat. Each summer we’re setting records because of climate change, having solid Code Red policies and services in place is essential. Right now there is a lack of uniformity amongst municipalities for providing shelter during extreme temperatures and/or emergencies. This puts our vulnerable residents, especially those who are unhoused, in a life-threatening situation.

“Thank you to the committee for acknowledging the real dangers facing our unhoused populations, seniors, children, and everyone in between. We look forward to seeing this bill enacted quickly, so that people can access safe shelter in the most treacherous weather conditions.”

In addition to passage of legislation to enact Code Red, the Network is also urging that both Code Red and Code Blue move under the authority of NJ’s Office of Homelessness Prevention. This would eliminate confusion and the possibility that a town would evade its obligation to provide safe shelter.

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