Christie Vetoes Housing Investment Bills
Network says it's not a comeback, it's a letdown


Following the announcement that Governor Christie has vetoed a bill that would allow municipal housing trust funds to remain in their municipality of origin and also a bill that would transform foreclosed properties into affordable homes, the Housing and Community Development Network’s Director of Policy and Advocacy Staci Berger issued the following statement:

"Investing in communities that need to create homes and address vacant, foreclosed properties would help achieve the governor’s plan for an economic comeback. Instead, he let down New Jersey’s families and communities by vetoing legislation that would have provided the critical resources and tools necessary to move our state forward

"We've been waiting for the governor to display leadership on this problem plaguing our state and we've seen nothing yet. First, he used $75 million from the national foreclosure settlement to plug his budget. Now he closed the door on viable solutions and we are left waiting to see what, if anything does he plans to do to address the drain this crisis is having on our families and on our economic future.

"It is disappointing that the governor refuses to do what's necessary to move our economy forward by letting municipalities build thriving communities that are affordable for all New Jersey residents. A New Jersey comeback starts with our hard-working families, seniors, veterans, and special needs residents and Christie's budget completely shuts them out."

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