Veto a Missed Opportunity to Address Foreclosures, says Network


Governor Christie has conditionally vetoed bills that would expand the New Jersey HomeKeeper program and  also renovate foreclosed residential properties into affordable ones for income eligible residents. On the vetoes, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey Director of Policy and Advocacy Staci Berger issued the following statement:

"We were very disappointed that these bills that would have helped New Jersey’s families and neighborhoods address the ongoing foreclosure crisis have been conditionally vetoed. This is a missed opportunity to help families stay in their homes and also give municipalities the tools they need to address problem properties.   

"New Jersey has one of the highest rates of foreclosure in our nation, and we need to act fast to help our families and communities. Our residents and our economy are being harmed by the foreclosure tsunami. Superstorm Sandy has brought attention to the dire need for more affordable homes in this state. We hope that despite the vetoes, Governor Christie will come to the table and help put forth policies that will address this need and keep families in their homes."

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