Creating Affordable Homes Will Help Our Economy and Our Residents Thrive, says Network
Supreme Court hands down ruling on Mount Laurel

The New Jersey Supreme Court decision today invalidated “growth share” rules adopted by the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH). On the decision, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey Executive Director Staci Berger issued the following statement:

"Today’s ruling will help create more affordable homes for our state’s residents and help grow our economy. After a decade of dithering, COAH will finally have to provide certainty to communities and residents using a proven method that has helped create over 65,000 affordable homes in our great state.

"Although the national economy has begun to rebound, New Jersey’s has not. Our unemployment rate is among the highest in the country. Not surprisingly, so is our foreclosure rate. Governor Christie’s inaction has allowed our economic malaise to continue, and our neighbors, families and friends to suffer from it.  

"Too many people in this state are living paycheck to paycheck; too many are forced to choose between having a home for their family in a great community and providing other necessities. As a result of this decision, more of our hardworking residents, seniors and people with disabilities will have the opportunity to live in homes they can afford in communities of their choice. Creating affordable homes will help our economy and our residents thrive.  

"Our housing market is utterly out of balance. If our housing market were a supermarket, it would only sell caviar and filet mignon; but we need tuna, tofu and Hamburger Helper too.   
This decision will create a more vibrant housing market – especially for rental and starter homes and enable New Jersey residents in dire need of more affordable home options to have more choices in the housing marketplace.  

"New Jersey is a trend setter for more than just reality shows, our rules are more productive than comparable states, like California and Massachusetts. We are also known for having one of the most independent and well-regarded judiciaries in our country, so it is not surprising that they upheld three decades of legal precedence. Despite blustering and bullying from the governor, this Court showed tremendous leadership and vision by preserving the Mount Laurel doctrine.

"We wish to congratulate our colleagues at Fair Share Housing Center along with all of the amici participants and legislative leaders who stood up for affordable home creation. We especially want to thank our terrific attorneys at Lowenstein Sandler for the outstanding job they did on our brief.  

"We look forward to helping build the homes our state deserves, and hope there will be no delays from the governor or the legislature. Community developers are ready, willing, and able to get shovels into the ground and start swinging hammers to bring New Jerseyans the affordable homes they need and want.  Now that the Court has cleared the way, we intend to do just that."

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