State of the Union Presents Opportunities for All, says Network


Following President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey President and CEO Staci Berger issued the following statement:

"We fully support President Obama's push to address income inequality in our country. Families everywhere are facing increased burdens at home that constrain their budgets, leaving them little or nothing to pump back into the economy and generate the commerce business owners desperately need. People tend to spend more when they have more money in their pockets. Even an extra dollar per hour goes a long way for someone who is having trouble paying their electric bill, or not able to buy groceries, or get gas to drive to a minimum wage job.

"Households are spending more of their incomes on essential budget items like utilities, groceries, mortgages, rents, and home repairs. This is an opportunity to improve the lives of people working hard, every day. Even better, this is an opportunity to improve our nation’s economy, which helps us all."

The Housing and Community Development Network supports New Jersey’s community development sector, collaborating with more than 250 members including community development corporations and other organizations to create affordable homes, expand economic opportunities, and build strong communities. For more information on the Network, visit

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