Don't Repeat Mistakes of the Past, Network Tells State Panel
Housing advocates urge changes in state programs


Today, the Christie Administration hosted its first public hearing on New Jersey's Substantial Amendment to the Sandy Action Plan. At the hearing, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey Vice President and COO Sharon Barker issued the following statement:

"We appreciate being given the opportunity to testify before State officiald on the Sandy Action Plan. The Network and its members have advocated for increased public input on recovery efforts and so we are heartened to see the administration host three public hearings in the various regions impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

"Many of the recommendations that we are requesting of the Christie administration have been employed by our neighbors in New York. They have clear, easy to understand criteria so those affected by the storm know the status of their eligibility for funding as well as where they stand on the waiting list. Prioritization is based on household income and amount of unrepaired storm damage. These are commonsense recommendations that New Jersey can and should implement to ensure a more fair and efficient recovery.

"We need a recovery that works for Sandy survivors, thousands of whom have been unfairly denied, treated badly, and left to fend for themselves in a bureacratic nightmare of the state's making. Sandy survivors are counting on the Christie administration to do right by them. That starts by making improvements based on feedback directly from survivors and those in the field working to get them back into their homes."

The Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey is the statewide association of more than 250 affordable housing and community development corporations, individuals and other organizations that support the creation of housing and economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income New Jerseyans. For more information on the Network, visit

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