Legislators Should Override Gov. Christie’s Sandy Bill of Rights
Network urges legislators not to change positions, announces “don’t flip-flop” on Sandy survivors effort


Following remarks by legislators changing their position on the Sandy Bill of Rights, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey President and CEO Staci Berger issued the following statement:
“Our legislators know that Sandy survivors are struggling to rebuild their lives. That’s why nearly every Republican and Democrat voted for the bill the first time around. To change their positions now is unfair to the people they represent, who have been waiting for answers. Sandy survivors deserve better.

“We continue to hear from Sandy survivors who are outraged about their elected officials flip-flopping on their position. Flip flops belong on the Shore, not on the Sandy Bill of Rights. We will be collecting real flip flops and virtual ones to send that message to legislators who are thinking about changing their minds.

“Concerns over the ‘Sandy Bill of Rights’ were addressed prior to being put up for a final vote, that is why it passed unanimously in both the Senate and Assembly. Any concerns that the bill conflicts with federal mandates are unfounded because the bill explicitly states that in the event a provision conflicts with a federal mandate, federal law would supersede the ‘Bill of Rights.’ Supporting the bill and back tracking only after the governor rejects it is a disservice to residents.”

For more information on the “don’t flip-flop” effort, visit www.tinyurl.com/dontflipflopsbor or follow #dontflipflopSBOR.

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