2021 Membership Dues Structure*

We encourage your membership and involvement in the activities of the Network. The Network has four membership categories: (1) Core Non-Profit Members; (2) Associate Corporate Members; (3) Associate Public Interest Members; and (4) Individual Members: Regular, Senior/Retired and Student Members.

Core Non-Profit Members: Nonprofit organizations involved in or planning housing and community development activities to benefit low- and moderate-income community residents. 

Associate Corporate Members: Regional or citywide for profit organizations, for-profit community development consultants, private financial institutions who support the mission and activities of the Network. 

Associate Public Interest Members - Nonprofit Organizations and Governmental Agencies

Individual Members - Individual membership includes three categories:  Regular Individual, Senior/Retire and Student Member. An individual member will not be able to submit the name of an organization on their profile nor can they have anyone else attend an event on their behalf.

♦  Core Non-Profit Membership Levels 

  1. Non-Profits with Budgets over $10 million - $800
  2. Non-Profits with Budgets $1-9.9 million - $500
  3. Non-Profits with Budgets under $1 million - $250

♦  Associate Corporate Members 

  1. Financial Institutions, For-Profit Developers and Organizations with Budgets $10 million and above - $1,500
  2. Other For-Profit Organizations with Budgets under $10 million - $750

♦  Associate Public Interest Members 

  1. Public Interest Organizations/Governmental Agencies with Budgets over $10 million - $500
  2. Public Interest Organizations/Governmental Agencies with Budgets under $10 million - $250

♦  Individual Members

  1. Regular Individual Members - $100
  2. Senior/Retired Members - $50
  3. Student Members - $25

The Executive Board of the Network shall make the final determination in any question or matter concerning eligibility to become either a Non-Profit Housing and Community Developer member or an Associate Member of the Network.

For more information contact:
Carol D. Mikulski at [email protected]
(609) 393-3752 Ext: 3700


* Dues payments are non-refundable.