2024-2025 State Legislative Policy Priorities

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Municipal Affordable Housing Guidelines

  • A4/S50 (Lopez/Coughlin/Singleton/Scutari)
  • Abolishes the Council on Affordable Housing; Affirms ban on Regional Contribution Agreements; Sets uniform methodology for determining municipal housing obligations
  • Signed into law, March 2024

Eliminating Bias in Property Appraisals

  • S1311/A2280 (Pou/Ruiz/Lopez/Reynolds-Jackson)
  • Penalizes holders of appraisal licenses or certifications, or appraisal management company registrations if they have knowingly engaged in a discriminatory appraisal of a residential property.
    Passed full Assembly, March 2024; Passed Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee, May  2024; Advocating for full Senate vote.

Statewide Code Red Requirements

  • S2346/A2258 (Lopez/Turner/McKnight)
  • Creates Code Red requirements for counties based on the state’s existing Code Blue requirements.
    Assigned to Assembly Housing Committee and Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee

Streamlining Affordable Housing and Assistance Applications

  • S2345/A876 (Singleton/Reynolds-Jackson/Wimberly)
  • This directs the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to create a single, common application that would be available on the New Jersey Housing Resource Center website.
    Assigned to the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee and the Assembly Housing Committee

Expanding Property Owner LLC Liability and Transparency

  • S2164/A892 (Ruiz/Turner/Reynolds-Jackson/Wimberly)
  • Allows courts to hold LLC managers, directors, and more, for housing, building, and health code.
    Passed Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee; Next up: Assembly Housing Committee

De-prioritizing Credit Scores for Affordable Housing Applicants and Recipients of State/Federal Supports

  • S1501/A2838 (Verrelli/Turner)
  • Establishes guidelines for creditworthiness concerning affordable housing programs
    Assigned to Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee and Assembly Housing Committee


  • Affordable Housing Trust Fund: Continued full funding and accounting of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund;
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit: Double NRTC to $30M from $15M


Updated May 2024
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