2024-2025 State Legislative Policy Priorities

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Municipal Affordable Housing Guidelines

  • A4/S50 (Lopez/Coughlin/Singleton/Scutari)
  • Abolishes the Council on Affordable Housing; Affirms ban on Regional Contribution Agreements; Sets uniform methodology for determining municipal housing obligations
  • Passed Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee and Assembly Housing Committee; Hearings pending in Assembly and Senate budget committees

Eliminating Bias in Property Appraisals

  • S1311/A2280 (Pou/Ruiz/Lopez/Reynolds-Jackson)
  • Penalizes holders of appraisal licenses or certifications, or appraisal management company registrations if they have knowingly engaged in a discriminatory appraisal of a residential property.
  • Assigned to Assembly Regulated Professions Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee

Statewide Code Red Requirements

  • S2346/A2258 (Lopez/Turner/McKnight)
  • Creates Code Red requirements for counties based on the state’s existing Code Blue requirements.
  • Assigned to Assembly Housing Committee and Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee

Streamlining Affordable Housing and Assistance Applications

  • S2345/A876 (Singleton/Reynolds-Jackson/Wimberly)
  • This directs the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to create a single, common application that would be available on the New Jersey Housing Resource Center website.
  • Assigned to the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee and the Assembly Housing Committee

Expanding Property Owner LLC Liability and Transparency

  • S2164/A892 (Ruiz/Turner/Reynolds-Jackson/Wimberly)
  • Allows courts to hold LLC managers, directors, and more, for housing, building, and health code.
  • Passed Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee; Next up: Assembly Housing Committee

De-prioritizing Credit Scores for Affordable Housing Applicants and Recipients of State/Federal Supports

  • S1501/A2838 (Verrelli/Turner)
  • Establishes guidelines for creditworthiness concerning affordable housing programs
  • Assigned to Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee and Assembly Housing Committee


  • Affordable Housing Trust Fund: Continued full funding and accounting of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund;
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit: Double NRTC to $30M from $15M


Updated February 2024
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