Resources for Returning to Work during COVID-19


With the challenges faced by all during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Network is prepared to offer a variety of strategies and forms of assistance in helping reduce the risk of COVID in your place of business. Some of the many ways the Network can assist you are:

  • Creating a digital framework for remote operations
  • Creating and running remote webinars and conferences
  • Strategies for maintaining or reopening on-site operations through use of space
  • Strategies of day-to-day diligence for employees, guests, and clients
  • Procedures for meetings and employee travel
  • Standardizing procedure within “formal” and “informal” networks
  • Assistance with creating HR and communication templates regarding a confirmed case

Contact Sharon Barker, VP and COO at [email protected] / 609-393-3752 or Kelvin Boddy, Director of Healthy Homes and Communities at [email protected] / 609-393-3752 Ext. 2100