The Network's mission is to promote economic justice and the empowerment of low-income individuals and communities through access to safe and decent shelter for low- and moderate-income residents in New Jersey. The VISTA project will support 200+ member organizations who are addressing homelessness, foreclosure prevention, and healthy home issues and provide support and infrastructure to help build their capacity and better serve the thousands of clients that count on them for services.

Over the course of twelve months VISTA members will perform activities such as working alongside seasoned housing, planning and non-profit experts on the issues including:

  • engaging service providers, infrastructure, and education;
  • produce ongoing issue communications (including traditional and emerging media tools);
  • engage in efforts to integrate issues with other local, statewide and national Network and partner activities;
  • plan and execute events to highlight the need for changes to homelessness, foreclosure, and healthy housing issues;
  • promote funding streams to serve our members, individuals and families that create affordable homes and address the long term needs of NJ residents;
  • conduct ongoing research about and promoting best-practices in the field.

MEET OUR #1of1Million VISTAS!

"Everyone who gets involved in community service has a reason for getting involved. Helen McCahill's reason came from above." Learn more about Helen here.

"So why be a VISTA? Abdoulaye cites several reasons, among them a desire to learn more about 
non-profit organizations (in addition to his exposure to the Network, he's working with Paterson Habitat for Humanity)." Learn more about Abdoulaye here.


David Kuntschik, a native of Houston, Texas, took a roundabout route to becoming a Vista - but in doing so, he wound up on the path many of his mentors believed he'd take all along. Learn more about David here.

"I want to see the end of homelessness, to hold government accountable to make sure their residents are safe in their homes," she says. "These are things that can and should be done, and someone has to do it." Learn more about Lia here.

                                  VISTA stands for Volunteers In Service To America

Please click on the following links to learn more about the Network AmeriCorp position(s):

Homelessness ~ Two VISTAS will be assigned to this area. One will focus on northern NJ;
one in southern NJ

Future positions will be announced at a later date. Please direct any questions or comments to Ben Haygood at or 609-393-3752 x1100.