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Join Us December 15 as We Prepare for 2017

The recent national election will create major changes for all of us who live and work in NJ. Given the reduction in State investment in housing and community development over the last decade, the stakes for next year's gubernatorial race couldn't be higher. Join us on December 15 to learn all about the campaign to Build a Thriving New Jersey and what steps you can take to make affordable homes a priority issue for our elected officials. Learn more

Headlines for December 2

Interactive Map: Segregation Continues to Be NJ’s State of the State

Editorial: The case for affordable housing

EDITORIAL: Affordable-housing mess continues

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Support for Housing Affordability Grows Across the Country 
By Arnold Cohen - November 29, 2016

The fight to create affordable home opportunities isn’t unique to New Jersey. Our Communications Coordinator Nina Arce was just in Atlanta recently with a group of folks from housing associations all over the country who shared similar struggles of affordability. 

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