Legislative Day at the Trenton State House Set for June 7

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Join us at the Trenton State House on June 7 when together we will meet with members of the Senate and Assembly to discuss issues that affect our communities and solutions to help Build a Thriving New Jersey. This event is free, but REGISTRATION is required. Click here to learn more and to register!

Headlines for May 18

Housing advocates decry fund diversions

Segregation in New Jersey, Neither Chance Nor Accident

New Jersey Hit with Major Lawsuit Arguing it Must End School Segregation

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Network Staff Reflects on Past Achievements
By Sharon Barker - April 25, 2018

There was so much that happened and you can read more about it in the newly released 2017 Highlights: The Year in Review. For me, 2017 stands out for the incredible commitment of our staff in making sure that our members have the information and support they need to Build a Thriving NJ. Here are some of the rest of the staff’s personal highlights from the last year...

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