Post on Gov. Murphy's Facebook to Build a Thriving NJ  

Post on Governor Murphy's Facebook today to build a thriving NJ by restoring $600 million in the budget for housing and community development!

Gov. Murphy delivers his state budget on Tuesday, March 13. This budget is crucial to the work we do and the communities we serve: investments in housing and community development create jobs, homes, provide valuable services and strengthen neighborhoods. We must act NOW to let Gov. Murphy know that restoring $600 million annually into homes we can afford will Build a Thriving NJ. This investment into proven programs will help make NJ a place we can all afford to call home. 

Use this sample or write your own post about Build a Thriving NJ in the comments under the top/pinned post on Governor Murphy's Facebook page:

Governor Murphy should Build a Thriving NJ by restoring $600 million to housing and community development programs in his FY2019 state budget. This investment will get our economy back on track and help make NJ a place we can all afford to call home.

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Tell Gov. Murphy to Build a Thriving NJ!
By Nina Rainiero - February 16, 2018

Nothing worth doing is easy. While many of you are providing services at little to no cost to your community, financial resources are needed to be able to even offer those valuable services.  I know many organizations would do so much more if only they had the funding to support the work.

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