Take Action: Call Your Members of Congress to Oppose the GOP Tax Reform Bill

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Now that the House and Senate have each passed their own versions of the Republican tax bill, congressional leaders must iron out the differences and hold a vote on the final tax bill in both chambers. Over the next several days, it is essential that you continue calling your members of Congress, urging them to defeat the Republican tax plan and start work on a bipartisan bill. Read More

Headlines for December 8

With ‘housing first’ initiative, N.J. cuts homeless rate by half in 10 years

See the rise of non-English speaking residents in your town

Amazon can help change Newark -- and should


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Looking Ahead Post Election
By Nina Arce - November 15, 2017

Many times after an election, it feels as if someone hit the reset button. Newly elected candidates bring new opportunities and new challenges at the same time. It’s certainly an exciting moment in New Jersey as a new administration will take the reins in January. 

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