Build a Thriving New Jersey Resources


Six Areas New Administration Can Target to Boost NJ Economy
Developed by the Housing and Community Development Network of NJ, these recommendations urge Governor-elect Murphy and legislative leaders to restore $600 million annually into a strategic set of housing and community investments that has been siphoned away in recent years. 

Build a Thriving New Jersey Blueprint

Read all about the campaign to urge New Jersey's future leaders to commit $600 million annually to help create stronger and more affordable communities.

Housing & Community Development Programs Background Information

Analyzing the investments the state has made over the last thirty years, to Build a Thriving New Jersey, our elected officials must deploy $600 million annually to a strategic set of programmatic investments. Learn more about these programs in this guide.

Endorsement Form
Click the link above to access a printer-friendly version of the endorsement form. You can also endorse right here!

Regional Plan Association Briefing on Build a Thriving New Jersey
The Regional Plan Association (RPA) has published a report on the impact "Build a Thriving New Jersey" will have on the state's economy. The report focuses on five components of the plan which RPA evaluated and prepared this brief to illustrate the return on investment for each of the five components. 

Draft Municipal Resolution
This is a resolution for municipalities to express support for Build a Thriving New Jersey. With $600 million in state investment annually, municipalities will be in a position to meet the needs of their communities and boost the local economy.

Writing Letters to the Editor
What is the difference between a letter to the editor and an op-ed? This document answers that question and provides you with tips to get published as well as a sample letter.

Submit a Success Story
Build a Thriving New Jersey promotes programs that have helped improve the lives of numerous New Jersey residents, strengthened communities all over the state and provided a boost to our state's economy. We want to hear those success stories and share them with our future leaders and members of the press.

Messaging to Win
The Build a Thriving New Jersey campaign hinges on effective messaging. Housing and community development advocates should be on the same page, speaking the same language. Jon Shure from Taft Communications delivers this presentation on messaging and "saying what we mean." 
*This presentation is password protected and accessible to members in good standing only.