Build a Thriving New Jersey
Success Stories


Build a Thriving New Jersey is centered on State programs that have either had funding cut or eliminated altogether. Many of these programs have been proven to improve the lives of numerous New Jersey residents, strengthen neighborhoods and boost the economy. These success stories display why we can and should Build a Thriving New Jersey.

If you have a success story that you would like to share, please download this questionnaire and submit your responses to Nina Arce at [email protected].

Jillian's Story

Homeless Solutions in Morris County helped one young family get back on their feet after a job loss and unexpected health care issues left them homeless. According to Jillian, "Looking back on my life now, I would have never imagined I would be homeless. In my eyes I had done everything right.  I had a good education, a job I loved and was happily married." 

Jillian's family eventually were able to find a home through the Homeless Solutions Transitional Housing Program, a program made possible through the programmatic investments Build a Thriving New Jersey supports.

Added Jillian, "After our time at the shelter, we were selected to participate in Homeless Solutions’ Transitional Housing Program, also known as THP. It’s apartment style living for 10 families.  The atmosphere is very different there because it’s all families.  The staff at THP go above and beyond to ensure the families receive the help and care they need. I can still remember our first night at THP. The feeling of being able to go into our own kitchen at any hour made me laugh to myself because it's the little things we take for granted."

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