Residents Devastated by Sandy Offer First-Hand Accounts on Rebuilding
Network testifies before joint legislative committee on recovery progress


The Senate Environment and Energy Committee with the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee  will host a joint hearing in Jersey City today on the progress of Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. Prior to testifying before the committees, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey Senior Policy Coordinator Arnold Cohen issued the following statement:

"On a daily basis we're hearing heartbreaking stories of people who are living in mold infested homes, have been denied assistance, or have lost their home entirely. Sandy in itself was a traumatic experience and the fact that so many are unable to rebuild one year later, it's made a bad situation worse.

"The feel-good stories of Stronger than the Storm do not paint the full picture of what exactly is happening for thousands of New Jerseyans. These legislative hearings offer those devastated by the storm an opportunity to voice their frustrations in a public forum they otherwise would not have had. We hope these hearings will result in some much needed changes to the rebuilding process and get our residents back into their homes."

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