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2022 achievements include securing $500 million for NJ's Eviction Prevention Program and $279.4K for HUD Housing Counseling, completed the Renter Empowerment and Neighborhood Tools (RENT) for Health Equity Program, provided "Theory and Practice of Mediation" to 52 housing counselors from 14 agencies, and Under One Roof returned in person with over 300 participants.

2021 Achievements Include: 2021 Achievements Include: Securing $4+ million for COVID relief programs, $330K+ for HUD housing counseling through our 9 sub-grantees to assist over 2000 househoulds, developed and launched to provide pandemic relief information to over 25K tenants/landlords/homeowners, and created the Housing Counseling Plus Program.


2020 Achievements Include: Securing $60 million for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and $2.4 billion committed through Community Reinvestment Act agreements, $12 million for Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Projects, $3.1 million for the COVID Relief Program, $2 million for planning grants, and much more.


2017 Achievements Include: Hosted 10 housing resource fairs for Sandy-impacted residents, shepherded code blue law, secured the endorsesment of over 300 public officials and organizations for "Build a Thriving NJ," and launched

2016 Achievements Include: Launching Build a Thriving New Jersey, welcomed Community Scholars inaugural class, unveiled a status update of the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program, supported the Fourth Regional Plan.


2015 Achievements Include: The release of county specific Stronger Together reports, selling out our Annual Conference and Membership Meeting Under One Roof for the first time ever, launched the Community Scholars Program


2014 Achievements Include: Celebrated 25th Anniversary, Released Supplement to 2014 Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program Report, Released Economic Impact Report Stronger Together 

2013 Achievements Include: Coordinated Responses to Hurricane Sandy, Promoted Housing Policies to Move NJ, Forward and Build Strong Communities, Fostered Problem Property Restoration, Conducted CHDO TA

2012 Achievements Include: Organized Second Annual Community Leadership Institute, Expanded Communications Efforts, Gained Ground with Problem Properties Strategies

2011 Achievements Include: Launched the NJ Community Leadership Initiative, Shepherded Key Elements of our Housing Market Reform Act throught the Legislature, Joined in an Amicus Brief on a Mount Lauren Related Supreme Court Case

2010 Achievements Include: Success in Getting Foreclosure Fairness Act Passed, Increased the Number of County Homeless Trust Funds, Piloted Be Your Own Media

2009 Achievements Include: Prevented State from Returning Nearly $20 Million Intended for Affordable Housing Production, Secured Improvements to the NJ Mortgage Relief and Stabilization Act, Released Better Schools, Better Neighborhoods, Expanded our National Scope 

2008 Achievements Include: Helped Win Comprehensive Housing Reforms, County Homeless Trust Fund Legislation, Fully Funded State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP), Establishment of National Housing Trust Fund

2007 Achievements Include: Improved the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) Program, Advanced the Very Low Income Housing Bill, Offered Housing Development Finance Professional Certification Program

2006 Achievements Include: Increased Funding for State Rental Assistance Program, Launched Advocacy Teams, Educated and Mobilized over 2,000 Voters, Piloted National Development Council Housing Development Finance Professional Certification Program