Help Build a Long-Term Vision for the Metropolitan Region

The Fourth Regional Plan will propose investments and policies to ensure the region's continued success for all residents in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut metropolitan region. The Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey is partnering with the Regional Plan Association, an independent civic group, to gain input from our members to help craft a far-reaching vision for the future. 

For more information on the Fourth Regional Plan and RPA, visit If you have any questions, please contact Arnold Cohen at [email protected] or at 609-393-3752 x1600.


Solutions to some of the region's biggest challenges focusing on:

  1. SUSTAINABILITY - Reducing our impact on the environment and preparing for the reality of climate change.
  2. ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY - Expanding opportunity for residents in all income, race and ethnic groups.
  3. LIVABILITY - Helping communities become more secure, affordable, healthy and liveable.
  4. GOVERNANCE & FISCAL HEALTH - Developing more responsive public institutions and ensuring our long term financial stability.