Since 2000, overall about 225,000 young children have been poisoned by lead in New Jersey. Community leaders, children, and housing advocates launched a campaign, #LeadFreeKidsNJ, to ensure $10 million in full funding to prevent childhood lead poisoning. As a result of these advocacy efforts, we are pleased to announce that the State of New Jersey will provide $10 million to nonprofits for urban lead removal. This is a tremendous victory for #LeadFreeKidsNJ which will continue until childhood lead poisoning is eradicated. 

Comments to NJ Dept. of Health Regarding Proposed Regulation Changes


No cost can be placed on a human life. Just check out the stories of these three children to see how critical this legislation is:


Over 100 Organizations Call on Christie to Include Lead Prevention Funding in State Budget Proposal, Read More 

Be part of the #LeadFreeKidsNJ effort, help fund lead
poisoning prevention in the state budget. Here's how:

  • Encourage your town to pass this resolution to encourage state lawmakers to fully restore lead prevention funding in the state budget.

Governor Christie announces $10 million for water-testing in schools statewide and updated regulations lowering the threshold for intervening when a child tests positive for lead exposure. Read More from NJ Spotlight and click here for an official statement from the Network.